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Sarah Gabua

Luxury Travel Planner

Cell: 815-243-6005


Planning Your Destination Wedding But Not Sure Where to Start?

Are you dreaming of the perfect wedding on the beach — but find yourself stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to research, guests reservations, and nit-picky details?

Are you looking for a fun, personable, and knowledgeable expert who can find the absolute best location for you an
d your guests — a place that’s romantic, intimate, gorgeous, and budget-savvy?

Do you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your personally-customized destination wedding is being handled by someone who has dedicated her life to creating stunning travel experiences?

Here’s the deal: I know you’re dreaming of a tropical beach wedding — maybe in Mexico or the Caribbean, warm sand, breathtaking scenery, a gentle breeze blowing your hair in a way that makes you look even more incredible than you imagined ? I get that you’re busy with work/life and might not be super sure about where to start.. But one thing you do know for sure: you don’t want to leave this event up to chance.

Whether you are planning to elope or bring 200 of your closest family and friends, it is my job to understand you and your desires, and then combine my extensive knowledge of the available destinations in order to make this dream event a reality.

How it works …

1. You pick a time that’s convenient for you

2. During our 45-minute chat, we’ll uncover your biggest struggles and group dynamic.

3. If we know we can help you plan your dream day, we’ll guide you through the next steps in working with us.

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